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Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday school teachers have over 60 years of combined experience in presenting the Word of God to each class.  Our five classes range in age from Pre-K to adult.  Adult classes are conducted in both Spanish and English.



Preschool - Kindergarten

(Ages 4 - Kindergarten)

Here children are introduced to Jesus and His love!  It is a place where the children begin at a very basic level to learn the truths of the Bible.  This ministry includes Bible lessons, creative activities, fun games, yummy snacks, interactive songs, and lots of love!  We begin at this young level to implement the biblical foundations of our Youth Program, "From the Ground Up."  This class is designed to provide a creative and safe environment for your child to learn.  We know that your child will find our class to be an enjoyable and loving experience.


(1st-5th Grades)

Here children are taught the basics of the Word of God. Learning the Books of the Bible, and the major events of both the Old and New Testament through exciting teaching. Memory verses and class participation are rewarded, and helps them to learn and grow in their knowledge of God. While young in age, we teach our juniors to respect, love and obey their parents, and to help others. Tenets of the class also fit within the framework of our Youth Program, "From the Ground Up."


(6th - 12th Grades)


(College age and up)

Students build upon the fundamentals of the Scriptures. We show them how the Bible can be applied to life by teaching on topical issues such as the family, relationships, friendships, education, and more. All while keeping with our specially designed Youth Program, "From the Ground Up." The world wants us to accept the notion these young people are unsteady, unable and unready for what life has in store. We believe that with proper grounding in God’s Word these young people can handle everything life throws at them. We understand that these young people are already making life-changing decisions during this period of their life and we want them to know that with the Lord’s help and guidance they’ll make it just fine. 

During the 10 AM hour on Sunday mornings, all adults have the opportunity to gather to learn Biblical truths that are presented in a way that is simple and easy to understand! Topics covered in the past have included biblical guidance for marriage, Christian parenting, understanding the Fruit of the Spirit, and Knowing God.  

Our leadership is dedicated to teaching God’s people to get involved in Bible Baptist Church and serve our Lord. While fellowship is important, service to our King, and not men, is our marching order.

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