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Bible Baptist Junior Church


Brother Ed Vicenti is currently our Junior Church (1st-5th grade) pastor and each Sunday during our main service time he teaches the Word of God to our youngsters. He has been working with youth for over two decades, and loves teaching and guiding our young people.  He brings an age appropriate lesson every Sunday, showing God's young servants that they matter, and can make a difference for Christ in their lives, families, and community.


Miss Rainie Eaton teaches our PreK-Kindergarten class each Sunday during our main service time. Miss Rainie loves to teach the little ones and teaches Bible stories and fun songs to help them learn about God.


"You matter to God.  He loves you so deeply that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sins so that you can live forever with Him.  Every action, every choice you make, and every word you speak, makes a difference in your life.  Using God's Word, YOU can go out into this big world and make a difference in your family, your school and the world through Christ.  You can change it!"



We have a heart to see our young people come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. We present the Gospel each and every week, and pray for souls to be saved.  The most important matter for any soul is the free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to reach children with the gospel and disciple them in Christian growth.  We fully believe that the best time to reach children and disciple them in the Lord is NOW!!!



Our primary teaching tool is the Bible itself.  We stick to the truths contained in the Bible.  The Word of God is what makes a difference in the lives of young people.  We labor to break down spiritual principles so our kids can understand, and then show them how to use these principles to build a solid and scriptural foundation in their young lives.  It is our desire to show them how the Bible applies to lives, young or old.



Create a community of students who are passionate about knowing and following Jesus, through the Word and BBC's "From the Ground Up" youth program.


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