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BBC Ladies Ministry

Pastor Oster's wife, Norma Oster, oversees and directs our Ladies Ministries.  While many churches have ladies groups that focus only on friendship, BBC ladies strive to grow far beyond just the foundation of just being friends.  We believe that our ladies can, and should, be a major part of the growth of the ministry spoken of in Ephesians 4:12.

Miss Norma leads a monthly Ladies Bible Study on the third Tuesday at 7 PM.  All ladies are invited and encouraged to come.


God's Word is our basic textbook at BBC, and is full of instruction for all ladies, regardless of age.  We are slowly and surely leading our ladies to allow God to lead and mold their lives, and encourage them to learn to follow His will in their lives. 

BBC provides our married ladies a detailed explanation of God's design on how to be a godly wife, the biblical make-up of the family, how to have a proper relationship with Christ and her husband, and how to be a godly mom in todays ever-changing society.

Scripture tells us that ladies who are not married "careth for the things of the Lord."  We strive to provide an environment for our single or divorced ladies where they are accepted, can serve God, and put Christ first in their lives.

We pray that our young ladies can learn from the lives and testimonies of our older ladies.  The world is not our guide for life; God is our true and faithful guide!  Come check out the things in our ladies group and see what God has for you!




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